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The Lake Samish Association is managed entirely by volunteers and is supported almost exclusively through member dues and donations. Members are encouraged to join the Board of Directors or another committee which offer interesting challenges and provide much valuable information on lake and water issues. Association members receive valuable and interesting information through our newsletters, email communication on current and critical issues, access to our comprehensive website and an opportunity to network with other members, Board of Directors elected representatives, and other personnel at our annual meetings and various forums.

Why should you join?

  • Promote the health and quality of life around our beautiful lake.

  • The opportunity to attend various meetings and special events throughout the year – Annual Business Meeting, General Membership Meeting, Special Meetings, Potlucks, etc.

  • The right to vote in any business the Board of Directors may bring to the General Assembly for a vote.

  • The chance to join the Board of Directors and gain real hands-on experience.

  • Receive our newsletters to keep you updated with lake news.

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