Facts About Lake Samish

Lake Samish is located 6.5 miles southeast of Bellingham. It is comprised of two basins which are connected by a narrow strait. The west arm is a small deep bay approximately 140' deep, and the east arm is a larger shallower bay approximately 65'deep. There are several small inlets that flow into the lake, including Lake Creek, Barnes Creek and Wefer Creek. Lake Samish drains via Friday Creek to the Samish River.


Size - 810 Acres

Maximum Depth -140 Feet

Mean Depth -51 Feet

Lake Volume - 30,310 Acre-Feet

Drainage Area - 12.90 Square Miles

Altitude - 273 Feet

Shoreline Length - 8.1 Miles


Lake Samish History Project

The Lake Samish Association has sponsored a “History of Lake Samish” project. After recruiting people interested in this endeavor, we began by interviewing long-time residents to get their stories and recollections of our community. In the Fall of 2016, we published our book Lake Samish Reflections: Historical Views and Memories. The book starts with the Native American community on the lake, discusses the settlement and development of the Lake Samish community--logging, mining, recreation--and then finishes with many family interviews.

This book has been a resounding success, to say the least! The initial printing of 750 books was entirely gone by the beginning of the summer of 2017 and we recently received our second printing of 500 books. Each book is only $30, a very respectable price for this beautiful hardbound book, full of family stories, community history and interesting pictures.

Consider giving a copy of Lake Samish Reflections, Historical Views and Memories to your family and friends for the holidays. They will enjoy reading the many family stories and how Lake Samish became the inviting community it is today. Surely they will also be interested in the history of the Native Americans who inhabited the lake shores prior to early western settlers. An especially entertaining chapter in the book tells about the “destination” resorts that once brought many folks to the lake for recreation.  This book has something of interest for anyone on your gift-giving list.

In addition to the book, a complementary Lake Samish History Facebook page is being maintained. During our research for the book, we compiled much information that was ultimately not included in the book. Started in December (2016), the Lake Samish History Facebook page shares this “new” information with you—one new story per day. So far, more than 200 new “stories” and related pictures have been posted. Each week more people are making comments relating to the posted stories and submitting new information/pictures.  Check it out!

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Lake Samish Association

The purpose of the Lake Samish Association is to promote, encourage, protect and enhance the social, public safety and environmental qualities of life in the greater Lake Samish basin and adjacent interdependent areas.

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